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Formative assessment (FA) for Std. IX & X



Science and Mathamatics

Social Studies

April & May
Oral quizzes listening comprehension, conversations Dialogues or prepared speechess on given topics
Group Projects, Data handling and analysis Expriments which suppliment theory, Research (information gathering and deducing)
Research projects, Group investigations. Reading with a purpose (making notes)

July & Aug.
Comprehension, Research projects (could also be cross curricular with Social Sciences). Spell Check, News reading
Group projects - problem solving Maths lab activities Presentation on a research, Design / Planning expiriments
Presentations on a research topic, MCQs

Nov. & Dec.
Creative writing, Presentations involving onversation with peer's and the teacher. Composition on the basis of Visual stimulus.
Problem solving, Online tests using IT investigations in science for a stated problem, MCQs
  Charts, Models  
Jan. & Feb.
Creative writing commentaries on text composition on the basis verbal stimulus Dramatlsation
Problem solving - in group math lab activities Design experiments, Applications (which could be experiments, problems etc.)
  Source based analysis